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Opt For The PORTER CABLE PCFP72671 Finish Mailer/Compressor Combo Kit

The PORTER CABLE Combo Kit can have variety of usages. For instance, it is just ideal for the crown molding work along with the interior trimming jobs and stair case jobs.

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PORTER CABLE PCFP72671 Finish Mailer Compressor Combo KitThe accessories included in the kit

The product comes with a C2002 6 Gab 150 psi Compressor along with the FN250SB 16 GA 2-1/2 inches Finish Mailer, the 25 feet of ¼ inches Air hose with a plug and a couple, the 2 inches length finish nails along with the belt hook accessories.

The features of the machine

The feature of the porter cable 6 ga also comes with two regulated and in built air couplers in the air compressor so that it can support two users with ease. The body of the compressor is sturdy and durable as it is made from steel. There is also an air console and an upgraded shroud with the tool so that all the vital components of the tool are protected always. The compressor also comes with a maintenance free and oil free pump which is durable and does not need any kind of maintenance whatsoever. The tank can be operated with a 150 max psi.

The best features of the PORTER CABLE PCFP72671 Finish Nailer/Compressor Combo Kit are included below:

  • The 6 ga tanks capacity is huge and thus it is able to drive big number of nails at one single charging of the tank.
  • The shroud is an innovative one and it allows for great portability and protection from outside coarse ambiance and environment.
  • 150 max psi is of bigger capacity than the traditional 135 max psi compressor and hence it can be used for driving more number of nails.
  • The weight of the tool is just 30 pounds and hence it is easy to carry around for work purpose.
  • The compressor comes with a limited 1 year warranty on the components.
  • The compressor has a high efficiency motor installed inside which is great for easy start up regardless of the application of the extension cord or the extreme climatic conditions.
  • The compressor has a good life span and the pump is also maintenance free and oil free.
  • The compressor runs on 120v and thus can be operated with the standard household electricity.
  • The 10 A current draw is such that it allows the compressor to run with a heavier and a bigger extension cord that can be around 50 feet or less and with a 16 GA.
  • The FN250SB uses the standard 16 gallon finish nails that range from 1 to 2 ½ inches in length.
  • The compressor comes with the tool free jam release mechanism which is easy for the removal of the nail.
  • The 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi feature allows a quick recovery time for the compressor.
  • The tool also comes with a tool free adjustable exhaust for a broader range of usage.
  • Tool free depth of drive adjustment available with detentes so as to insert the nail heads properly.


You can easily opt for this kit as it will provide you enough benefits. Also the price range is quite affordable so it will be a good choice for you.

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