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The magical air compressors and their utility: Guide To Choose Perfect Porter Cable Air Compressor

Most of the people do not have a clear and distinct idea about what is actually an air compressor. It is just a device which transforms power running from an electric or a gasoline engine, and even from a diesel engine, into kinetic form of energy by compression air pressure which is then released with frequent blows. There are different types of air compressors like high, low and medium scale air compressors, which are used for many domestic and industrial activities. But most of the times, they are used in areas like industries and factories only.

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Top 5 Best Porter Cable Air Compressors

Compressor Image
Model Name
Horse Power(HP)
Tank Size
Air Flow Capacity
Maximum Weight Capacity
Sound Level
Porter Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory KitPorter Cable PCFP020030.8 HP3.5 gal2.0 CFM26 lbs82 dB
Porter Cable PCFP02003 3.5 Gallon 135 PSI Pancake CompressorPorter Cable C20020.8 HP6 gal2.6 CFM34 lbs82 dB
Porter Cable CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil Free Fully Shrouded CompressorPorter Cable CMB150.8 HP1.5 gal2.0 CFM20 lbs79 dB
Porter Cable C2002 Oil Free UMC Pancake CompressorPorter Cable PCFP726710.8 HP6 gal2.6 CFM39.5 lbs78 dB
PORTER-CABLE PCFP12234 3-Tool Combo KitPorter Cable PCFP122342 HP6 gal2.6 CFM30 lbs82 dB

The methods through which air can be compressed:

Air can be compressed through the following methods:

  • Through a methods known as positive displacement of air pressure
  • Through negative form of displacement.

Porter Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory KitWhat are positive displacement air compressors?

In this case, pure air is compressed inside a particular chamber, and this is also done through the movement of pistons which press the air into getting g compressed. Porter cable air compressor is also used to pressurize air into a chamber or fill air into jackhammers or inside HVAC control systems. There are also some kinds of compressors which are known as vane compressors. They contain a rotor which is slotted and they also contain blade placement methods which are variable. In this type of portable air compressor, a certain fixed volume of air is pressurized at a high temperature.

Due to constant heating while the compression of air goes on, most of the compressors also require cooling on their part. Oil is generally used to cool the air compressors.

What are the uses of porter cable compressors?

A porter cable compressor generally has the following uses:

  • They are used for filling deflated tyres of vehicles
  • They are often used in schools or other institutions for operating the valves of several pneumatic HVAC control systems
  • When we use moderate air pressure through the porter cable compressors, they are also used to fill up clean air in the surface submerged divers
  • Porter compressors can also be used to run the flooring guns which are used to install nails on wooden floors.
  • Some of the porter cable air compressors also for blowing out pipelines made of plastic, especially during chilled winter months in a frigid country.

What are rotary screw types of air compressors?

The type of compression that is used here is positive displacement air compression. There are two helical shaped screws, and these screws are turned to push air inside a chamber and the volume inside the chamber decreases as the screws turn around.

Compressor and the accessory kits:

Different types of cable air compressors are available both thorough online and offline methods, and they also come with a set of accessories. Notable companies are making innovative designs and techniques as far as the air compressor is concerned. In many cases, you can also get porter cable air compressor parts from the online stores, or else, they come completely at free of cost. Whenever you but certain cable air compressors, you must check for the availability of the following facets:

  • The amount of air that can be compressed inside the tool chamber, and that increases the running time of machines
  • The air couplers and plugs inside the chambers are also to be looked at, while buying a compressed cable air machine. It is better to take a note about the recovery time for the compressor
  • Compressors come in different designs such as cylindrical, the pancake style, circular and flat shapes.

Portable air compressor

In construction sites, it is very difficult to work with a low pressure air compressor because the work nature requires some powerful and durable air compressors. There are some portable air compressors available in the market, which are very light weight and construction technicians can carry them easily. Along with that, these compressors are designed with a powerful motor capacity and you can complete your construction work within a short time.

This commercial compressor comes with many types of attachments and it can be used for multiple uses like, roof crafting, nail guns and as a frame work also. Carpenters need some finest and smallest air compressor for their wood crafting and designing purposes. This small and light weight air compressor can work for that purpose also. So, if you use this compressor then your construction work can be done within a short time and you can save time, money and complete your building in a proper manner.

How to choose the best air compressor?

When you choose your compressor, you have to specify the work nature because there are different types of air compressor available for separate fields. For example, if you are looking for an air compressor for building construction work then you have to choose a powerful motor and portable air compressor which can help in heavy works. Else if you are looking for an air compressor for carpentry or wooden craft works then you have to choose something which has the finest attachment or tools.

Porter twin air compressors:Porter Cable CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil Free Fully Shrouded Compressor

Twin compressor cannot be run in single mode and it is the perfect choice for carpenters. For wooden work, carpenters require some air compressors which can do the nail-gun and work trimming also. So, these kinds of work need some finest designs and attachments. Apart from that, twin stack compressors are mostly available in light weight capacities and individual persons can carry this compressor easily.

These compressors are available for heavy duties also. The commercial collections of porter twin compressors are designed with variety of tools and it can do building construction work very fast. Along with that, it has gas power facility also. So, if there is no electricity then work can go on smoothly with the help of this compressor. This light weight compressor needs maximum 120 volts electric output. Gasoline power compressor cannot be run when you run this air compressor.

How should you track the parts of porter air compressors?

When you buy the porter cable air compressor, you must find out the guarantee and the duration of the porter cable parts. Proper maintenance and storage of the cable parts is very essential for the smooth running of the cable air compressors. The parts need oiling, service and proper installation. You can buy the parts from the porter cable online stores which also sell replacement parts.

You can also get several important accessories from the porter cable companies. Accessories such as rasp made of carbide, variable finger template, blade assortments which are plunge cut in design, and twenty four inch or sixteen inch dust shroud are also used as an accessory. You can buy the company accessories and parts to ensure smooth and hassle-free functioning of the compressed cable air machine.

Porter cable air compressors can also be used for the following industrial purposes:

  • For a day in and day out technique, or for regular industrial purpose, you can try out the cable air compressors.
  • Porter cable air compressor can also be used in automobile manufacturing units, or on oil rigs, and other manufacturing units.
  • Porter cable compressor is very useful for storage tanks with regard to transportation and heavy weight freight industries.
  • There are no external belts and the smooth running of the compressor does not create any harsh noise.
  • If you want to include portable air compressors and save huge power, then you can use this technique for several tools like wrenches, nails, hammer jacks, and while working with grinders and other small household tools which run on power.

The size of porter cable air compressor tanks:

The size of the tank determines how the compressor can operate on multiple levels, and how it can be used for commercial purposes. The size of the tank must be decided before you finally purchase the air compressor. Even if all the porter cable parts are intact, yet you must see what the exact volume of each tank is. It usually varies from 60 to 200 Gallons.

Te size of the tank is very important to determine for how long your air compressor is going to be used. If it is used very frequently then you need larger storage, but if it is used only very few times, then you can easily select a small cylinder.

As the air from the container is used on a regular basis, the pounds in one square inch gradually starts to deplete. Once the entire gas is exhausted, you need to refill the air container to increase the prolonged usage.

However, special care has to be taken that the porter air compressor is not heated excessively. Because in that case, the motor, the blades, the rotor, and the tank can be damaged, and you shall require an excess money to repair it. It is always suggested to buy the spare parts and the accessories from the company websites, because they will give a proper guarantee about the product. Constant running of the compressor also damages the unit.

Porter cable air compressor parts can be used for getting better house improvement ideas. If you buy any branded product, then that ensures a longevity of the machine altogether.

What are the precautions to be taken, to operate the cable air compressors?

Porter Cable C2002 Oil Free UMC Pancake CompressorWhile operating the cable air compressors, several precautions are required. This can damage your machine in the long run. The safety valves, overheating or misuse of the air tank, switching it on for more than three to four hours, and constant workload can really damage the fuse as well as the electric wiring of your house.

You should not touch the power cord with wet hands, and the ends of the circuit area must not be exposed at any cost. This can create electrocution, and you can suffer from loss of life and property. So before operating an air compressor you must go through the instructional leaflets very carefully.

The air connection, air outlet, the pressure of air on the valve, and the actual mechanism that is used in implementing tool-works, and other procedures, requires safety techniques, and tool-handling experience. The porter cable compressors can be heavyweight, and durable, but you can also purchase a lightweight machine depending on your requirements. The Horsepower capacity of an air compressor and the size of the machine can decide whether you need to use it for domestic or for industrial purpose.

Generally, in case of branded and good quality compressors, you can find the following features:

  • If the compressor can be used for air brushing, painting, spraying, nailing, framing pictures, bolting and for stapling purposes
  • Weight of the compressor machine is also to be taken into account
  • The length of the power cord, and the ten Ampere current supply is a good factor for the running of the machine
  • The electric unit and the current drawing capacity are also to be reviewed before you switch on the machine.

Apart from all these you must be cautious about the following features also:

  • Whether the porter cable compressor is an oil free or handle compressor
  • The tank material. If it is made of steel then it can last longer
  • You have to see the returnable benefits
  • The style and design of the compressor tank, and the air pressure capacity
  • The Decibel rating of compressor determines the noise made by it. So it is better to know the Decibel rating
  • Along with this you should also see the configuration of the air tank, and proper certification of the product, as well as the listing. Generally, the ETL listing assures durability and complete functioning.


It is mandatory to consult the retailers or the company professionals for running the air compressors. You can also go through the safety tip and manual for deciding which compressor would be best suited to all your needs. Also decide the budget before placing the order.

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